Fire and Rain

The fact that Trav and I dated for two years while he attended the New Mexico Military Institute and I never once set foot in the Chapel was something I, well…regretted is probably too strong a word. And that it took my Aunt’s funeral for me to see this stained glass wall blazing behind the altar made me as […]

Touch and Go

Less than 12 hours after I hit the ‘publish’ button on my post last week, Cancer claimed family member #4. This is the third death* between Trav & I this year and to point out the obvious, IT’S ONLY FRICKING MARCH, UNIVERSE, COULD YOU MAYBE BACK OFF? And because of Complicated, Necessary Privacy Boundaries, I can’t […]

From Al…to Val

One of the very, very good things that came from my visit to New Mexico is named Valerie. She was rescued from the streets of Albuquerque by my cousin, and given to my Aunt many years ago. The last year has been extremely hard on Valerie, her doggie siblings and everyone who pitched in to care […]

The Vastness of Space

This shot was taken in late January between Clines Corners and Roswell, NM. On my way to funeral services for my Aunt, I looked out at this barren landscape from the backseat of a pickup. I’d missed this sky, this quiet. And yet. The brutality of the honesty in such a skyline – how you can […]

Brochure: Mothers of Multiples Clubs

Resource information on the benefits of belonging to a  club of multiple birth children, this brief overview outlines the many ways a new or existing family can find personal support with a peer group who knows the extreme challenges and emotional experience of raising twins and higher-order multiples. Brochure: Mothers of Multiples Clubs (Seattle) By Jules Maas […]