Mabel, Midge and Marge, Revisited

The weather in Seattle so far has been nearly IDENTICAL to three years ago – in that it’s been wet, cold and gross for all but a handful of days. So much so, that it’d be easy to feel depressed that life here goes completely unchanged, but, wait, oh HEY, look at this. And then? LOOK AT THIS:


(L-R: Sarah, Emma)

“So I sez to Mabel, Mabel, I sez…”

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“…just go with it, baby.”

Glamour Girl


I can’t take credit for this shot: I was outside blowing bubbles for Emma and Ashley when my sister caught this moment of Sarah exercising the right not to walk*. My first, second and third reaction to this photo was that everything this kid needs to learn about life might be from Sophia Loren. And while debating with myself how old anyone needs to be to see Man of La Mancha, my fourth reaction hit: it’s entirely possible she may already know.

No Big Thing


That gal up there on the left is my sister Christie. She’s the “middle” child – an over-achiever in a family of over-achievers. I haven’t yet had time to call for her birthday today, but somehow found time to write this rebuttal to an earlier facebook post in which stated her intent to ignore this birthday and all those to come (but not mine). Because, PRIORITIES:

Jules: Big sisters are better than little
Chris, don’t you think that’s true?

Jules (as Chris): Yeah sisters will beat you* and trick you and tease you
Every one of them’s bad except you.

Jules: Oh, thanks sweetie
But big sisters get older than little
Chris, don’t you think I’m riiiiight?

Jules (as Chris): That’s once again true,
for all except you

Jules: You got me, let’s blow out the lights

Jules (as Chris): No caaaaaaake

Jules: Don’t let the birthday day biiiite

Happy Birthday, ‘Tis.

*at cards. and grades.

p.p.s: Haven’t seen Frozen? Click here.