Whoever Said There’s No Snow in Hell Obviously JUST CAME FROM THERE


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7 Responses

  1. jules.maas says:

    Lori, yeah. You guys WIN. Hands down.

    Mike gets an additional award for How Do You Live in Colorado for Ten+ Years and NOT HAVE A SNOWSHOVEL, Goofball?!

  2. Lori Rodenbaugh says:


    Try 3 feet in 2 days, then 2 feet 5 days later……HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    You have no idea how long the longest driveway in the world is…until you’ve tried digging )
    it out with a frying pan…..(you must ask Mike K. about this)….is Mexico in April looking
    any more appetizing?

    Happy shoveling (or ice skating, as the case may be)!!

    Lori (:

  3. jules.maas says:

    Oh my gosh, Carija! The news only showed the first 8 seconds of that – it’s the NIGHTMARE THAT NEVER ENDS!!

    I’m so glad you’re getting the snow now and not us – and to see that psycho windstorm didn’t get ya!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ha! I remember thinking this when I moved to New York and found out that Snow days really do exist! LOL Wimps!

  5. Carija says:

    Ok so.. in case you missed it…

    Apparently, Portland doesn’t get much snow either. Add an SUV and an inexperienced driver going WAY too fast and watch the fun (yes, you can hear the crunches of the cars!

    Meanwhile… in Germany… It’s snowing in Berlin (FINALLY) after nearly 2 months straight of rain. Everyone wonders why I’m happy… well.. gee… that’d be because I’m SICK OF RAIN!!


  6. Loren says:

    Frickin’ hilarious! We had about a foot in Roswell, on SATURDAY! Gods forfend we should actually have enough snow to cancel school! (It had melted enough by monday for the Roswel ISD to allow schools to be open for their normal schedule…even though every other district around was CLOSED!)

    Again, freakin’ hilarious!

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