Go Go Gadget Griff

Wow. That title sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? Just wanted to share two cool eBay things I found recently:

1. eBay To Go – You want some fries with that? Yeah, baby. Check out that cool little webby widget below. Guess who built it? A couple kick-ass eBay employees. Using eBay’s standard publicly-available APIs*. I saw this on Scoble’s blog last month, who reported it from eBay Demo ’07. From what I gather, eBay Demo is a new-ish internal ‘exposition fair’ where employees present new technologies they’ve created to co-workers and executives. I say new-ish because, although the Demo wasn’t active when I was there (99-05), employees at every level were doing exactly this kind of brain-trust development ALL. THE TIME. Seriously. If you needed a tool for a job that had never been done before to find information in a way that didn’t exist yet, John Smith in Banned Items on the Graves shift was probably already coding it. Kudos to the Totally Cool To Go widget dudes and all the others who were featured at eBay Demo. I’ll never know who you are, but darn it, you blow my socks off**.

2. Dinner with Griffaccording to the eBay Chatter, executives are donating their personal time to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Out For Blood” fundraising. But I have no idea what their auctions are for, because the Chatter’s post also mentioned Uncle Griff’s donation. And I didn’t read anything but that. Because, dude. No matter who you are, if you’re reading anything about a few stuffy execs and Uncle Griff, your eyes dart straight to the part about Griff. If you happen to BE a stuffy exec, you might read the rest of it. But by and large, the rest of us just care about Griff. Because Griff is interesting. And execs are not.

Today, Griff is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by offering dinner & an interview with him at eBay Live! 2007. View him in all his wonderous Griffness via the wicked-cool eBay To Go:

*Gobble-de-gook, I know. I put that last bit in for you smarty-pants readers who know what it means. Because I sure don’t.

**I didn’t experience any issues viewing the To Go widget. However, I have no idea what this looks like on a non-broadband, non-IE7, non-windows, non-flash using computer. So you may have to install something. Or upgrade. Leave a comment if you have any troubles.

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