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Blue-Eye Sphynx

In his first week of treatment, Al jumped back to being his happy self in a matter of days. I think it had everything to do with that Miracle B-12/antibiotic/steroid shot, and I wonder if he’ll need another one this Saturday. In this second week of treatment, he’s become a little more cranky, a little less social, seemed a little off. His second shot contained B-12 only, and I really don’t know if it just wasn’t powerful enough, or if Tuesday night’s round of Wrestlemania ‘I’m-not-letting-you-shove-these-pills-down-my-throat’ vs. ‘oh-YES-YOU-ARE’ vs. ‘hey-did-that-just-dissove-all-over-your-hands? HA-I-win’ had anything to do with it.

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