Oh Brother, Our Brother


Jules is a mom of triplets. A sometime blogger who once worked for internet giants (eBay, Microsoft) and runs a small business from home (Maas Publications). It's a lot. And it's pretty great.

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7 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    Aww! Too sweet. And yes, I think I too had several of those “dying” moments myself, but in the end, you grow up and realize that hey, having a zit or worrying that x is mad at y, or all those insecure feelings are part of growing up. While not all of them go away, sometimes you just realize – it’s normal – and maybe you learn to deal with them better.

    Congrats to Mike & Lori, and may you fulfill all the wishes of Mr Spock (Live Long and Prosper).

  2. Travis (third son) says:

    Nicely written!!! Wow we have real pictures still? Just for the record on the picture of “all” of us, I was tired… nothing more. Really.

    So when is the next time we have a weeks worth of cocktails?

    I love my family!

  3. jules.maas says:

    Seriously, who could ever be afraid of Mike’s dad? oh, that’s right, ANYONE WHO’S TRYING TO PAY THE CHECK.

    And wow. I really did mention my dying a lot in that, didn’t I? hmm. I guess I can only say I was REALLY DARK then. And not so much anymore! Yay!

    I think you’re magnificent, too, Lori! Shall we now invoke opening statements for the ‘Mutual Appreciation Society’, go practice the art of eyelash gluing and curl each other’s hair in the bathroom? ‘Cuz in case it wasn’t REEDICULOUSLY clear, I totally skipped that in High School.

    I think we shall. 😉

  4. Lori (the bride) says:

    Good, Lord, Jules, scared of MIKE’S DAD?!! I know, I know, you couldn’t see…..another moment of wishful immediate death. His Mom and Dad are so great he probably thought it was something he did.

    Oh, and you are not a goofball. I think you are rather magnificent! AND I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR FAKE EYELASHES!!!!


  5. jules.maas says:

    Oh, that’s right – TRISCUTS! Weren’t there flower-shaped ones, too? What were those? I’m going to the store TODAY to stock up – I’ll eat those suckers with you!

  6. Christie says:

    Just to let you know, there were also Triscuts. I bought a can of cheese last week and some triscuts last week. I told myself that they were for Abby to enjoy like we had, but somehow, I seem to be the only one eating them.

  7. Angela says:

    Julie (Yes, I know, you don’t like to be called that but nobody in the family, that I know of, has ever called you anything else around me so I don’t know you as anything but Julie. Just like I call Margie, well, Margie, and almost no one else does, not even herself.), you *are* a goofball, but we love you, and I love reading your blogs.

    Loren’s best friend (who just so happens to be named Mike too) is kind of like “your” Mike. He and Loren have been friends forever too. It’s kind of cool to see such a friendship/brotherhood and to be part of that. “Our” Mike is kind of like an extra big brother I never had. He got married two years ago and his wife has just kind of become part of the “family.” I only wish we lived closer to them.

    Okay, so I’m gonna start rambling. It’s my night off from delivering papers and of course I’m wide awake! G’night!