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Resistance is Futile

Our iMac and MacbookPro are approximately six years old. Which means so is my Adobe CS 5 software. Considering all of these have been running like a 1812 Steam Engine and that my need for mobile use of the Creative Suite increases daily, it’s clear it’s time to upgrade.

Last week, I went to the mall to compare the MacBook Pro with the Microsoft Surface Book, and let me just say, that’s SUPER easy to do with three six year olds who just want to go back to the Lego store, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMAN, I WASN’T DONE BUILDING MY RACE CAR.

Kids, I love you. But are you seeing this? YOU CAN DRAW. ON THE TABLET. IT SAVES LIKE, EIGHTY BAZILLION STEPS AND IT’S JUST COOL. You don’t…you’re not…

Alright. How about we go look at earrings? Who wants to know how you get the ear holes?

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