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Hi there. I’m Jules. This is my personal blog.

I’m a freelance writer & designer (Maas Publications), working on a by-project basis because I became a mom of triplets in 2011. And yeah. Raising triplet girls is crazy-amazing-hard, it takes 90% of the 27 hours I cram into every day, and I wouldn’t trade a single second of this overwhelming journey…except, wait. I’d trade potty training. In a heartbeat.

In my efforts to pay it forward to other new moms of twins, I am currently serving as Secretary and previously President of the Valley Mothers of Multiples Club (2013-2015). I am also Webmaster for the Northwest Association of Mothers of Twins Club.

Before all this insanity, I worked for the City of Newcastle as a Special Event Producer, for Microsoft System Center Marketing as a Project Manager and, for a long time, eBay.com as everything from a CSR to a Communications & Recognition Specialist. From time to time I write a little bit about those experiences, but don’t be misled. This blog is NOT an official venue for any of those companies**.

This is my place to write about the wonderful, fun, weird and horrible things in my life. It helps me sort it all out. So, if you’re asking, ‘what’s the point of this blog?’ That’s it.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I lived 25 sheltered years in the Land of Enchantment before moving to the bright lights, big city of Salt Lake City, Utah. Six short years in Mormonland taught me everything I never wanted to know about porn; how to spot a fake Kate Spade purse in 30 words or less; and shocker of shockers, that gay people are not only REAL PEOPLE, they’re some of the BEST PEOPLE I have ever known.

My husband, Travis, and I moved to Seattle in 2005. We swing wildly (and often) between I LOVE THIS PLACE, ITS GORGEOUS AND AMAZING AND FUN and DEAR GOD, I DIDN’T THINK IT WAS POSSIBLE TO FIND WORSE POLITICS THAN NEW MEXICO.

In 2009, I created Aspire, Persevere & Indulge Not, a chronicle of my family ancestry, and self-published “The Adams Family: Ancestors & Descendants of John A. Adams, Sr.” in 2012.

Once upon a time, was a columnist for the Covington / Maple Valley Reporter.

Still curious? Here are 25 random things about me.

**Ultra Disclaimer**

This is a personal blog written purely for the entertainment of the author. She will, however, consider it a huge bonus if you get any sort of kick out of it, too. Jules is not employed by, nor is a spokesperson for the City of Newcastle, Microsoft Corporation or eBay, Inc. Opinions posted here are the personal thoughts of the author and are not endorsed or supported by her previous employers.

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