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I’ve been told it’s quite common not to be able to recognize your own features in your children, and up until last Christmas I’d been so fuzzy on the subject that I had convinced myself that Emma must look like me simply because she has the EXACT same hair coloring I did at that age.… Read More Adorkable

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Sick Day

Today we are all sick. It started on Sunday with Emma’s runny nose. As it slowly wore the rest of us down, a very particular set of blankets began to appear yesterday. Blankets they’d never used before. Not their loveys. Not their backups. No, at some point they opened a drawer in Emma’s dresser and specifically chose these. Aunt Margie made them last… Read More Sick Day

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Miss Calculation

Yeah. THIS ONE. Look in those eyes and tell me that’s not the kind of trouble that grows up knowing how to bite people in the ass without them ever having a clue as to where it came from. She’s gonna be fun.

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Minus One

Technically, it was twelve degrees outside when this shot was taken. It’s our second Santa-op attempt in as many weeks, and regardless of the amount of happy holiday materials we’ve paraded before her, Ashley has established a staunch no-Claus zone. I have a feeling this may turn out hilariously badly for her at next week’s… Read More Minus One

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The Scaling

Wednesday October 30th. Maas Residence. Approximately 2:35pm. Naptime has been underway for forty-five minutes. Two children, Sarah and Ashley, have been put to bed about twelve times. This is the thirteenth. Me: “ALL. RIGHT. YOU TWO. I AM *OUT*.” *Deep Breath* Me: “This is THE LAST TIME I’m coming in here until nap is over. Keep your BUTTS in… Read More The Scaling