The girl is obsessed with strawberries, so I’m not entirely sure what inspired this evening’s first ever concept drawing: A banana. With happy face.

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Sick Day

Today we are all sick. It started on Sunday with Emma’s runny nose. As it slowly wore the rest of us down, a very particular set of blankets began to appear yesterday. Blankets they’d never used before. Not their loveys. Not their backups. No, at some point they opened a drawer in Emma’s dresser and specifically chose these. Aunt Margie made them last… Read More Sick Day

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Minus One

Technically, it was twelve degrees outside when this shot was taken. It’s our second Santa-op attempt in as many weeks, and regardless of the amount of happy holiday materials we’ve paraded before her, Ashley has established a staunch no-Claus zone. I have a feeling this may turn out hilariously badly for her at next week’s… Read More Minus One

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Catching Our Breath

Life at home been more intense than usual around here lately, adjusting and coping with Daddy’s return to work after  a week-long break, my recovery and potty training all at the same time. Thank God for sunshine and popsicles.