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Sick Day

Today we are all sick. It started on Sunday with Emma’s runny nose. As it slowly wore the rest of us down, a very particular set of blankets began to appear yesterday. Blankets they’d never used before. Not their loveys. Not their backups. No, at some point they opened a drawer in Emma’s dresser and specifically chose these. Aunt Margie made them last… Read More Sick Day

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For Moms (& Dads) of Multiples

No one understands the extreme challenges & emotional experience of raising twins and higher-order multiples than MOTHERS and FATHERS of twins and higher-order multiples. I’ve created a free brochure on the ways in which families can get support from multiples clubs, and how to find one in your area. Because the Internet can give you everything. Except a hug. And sometimes a… Read More For Moms (& Dads) of Multiples

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Hello Mr. Leno

Gaaaaaghhlgghg. Did you know liquid Percoset exists? They sent me home last Tuesday with a GIANT bottle of the stuff, like, Costco-size contact solution size GIANT, and two syringes to take it with that were roughly the size of a tube of toothpaste. Even though I swore up and down that I’d ease myself full… Read More Hello Mr. Leno

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Two and a half months after transitioning Emma, Ashley & Sarah to toddler beds, we’ve finally returned to leaving their bedroom doors open at night. All our rooms are upstairs, and the route past ours to the hall bath immediately skirts a flight of stairs. But for one exceptionally mischievous I’m-testing-to-see-if-Dad’s-still-out-there-and-we-stay-up-longer exception, no one has ventured… Read More Crumbs