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Steel Labyrinth

You guys, I feel so weird right now. My priorities might be just a bit screwed up because the first thing I worried about when walking into the free weight room tonight was how loud my ringer was, because if by crazy chance someone called me at 9 o’clock at night, the entire gym would… Read More Steel Labyrinth


Hey Hey We’re Dorks

Davy Jones died today. About five seconds after I posted my shock about this to facebook, my sister reminded me of the geekery that used to take place in our bedroom as this record played on a pink turntable on the floor in a corner, us flailing around in bellbottoms, dangly feather barrettes and the… Read More Hey Hey We’re Dorks


Pilot Humor

Today I received one of those emails I usually scan & delete. You know the kind – those horrible lists of jokes that have been around the interwebs nine hundred thousand times and have just as many email headers. Except today, the jokes were new. They had no headers. And included a bit about pilot… Read More Pilot Humor