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Ducks in a Row

Extracurricular activities. I never imagined I would struggle with these two little words. And yet. Our girls are six. And still not enrolled in anything. Now, it’s not like we’re trying to raise Olympic Athletes here. We’ve always believed we should let them develop their own interests. Or the same ones. And it’s made sense to begin with the… Read More Ducks in a Row

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Resistance is Futile

Our iMac and MacbookPro are approximately six years old. Which means so is my Adobe CS 5 software. Considering all of these have been running like a 1812 Steam Engine and that my need for mobile use of the Creative Suite increases daily, it’s clear it’s time to upgrade. Last week, I went to the mall to compare the MacBook Pro with the Microsoft… Read More Resistance is Futile

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Miss Calculation

Yeah. THIS ONE. Look in those eyes and tell me that’s not the kind of trouble that grows up knowing how to bite people in the ass without them ever having a clue as to where it came from. She’s gonna be fun.

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Fire and Rain

The fact that Trav and I dated for two years while he attended the New Mexico Military Institute and I never once set foot in the Chapel was something I, well…regretted is probably too strong a word. That it took my Aunt’s funeral for me to see this stained glass wall blazing behind the altar made me as sad… Read More Fire and Rain

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Minus One

Technically, it was twelve degrees outside when this shot was taken. It’s our second Santa-op attempt in as many weeks, and regardless of the amount of happy holiday materials we’ve paraded before her, Ashley has established a staunch no-Claus zone. I have a feeling this may turn out hilariously badly for her at next week’s… Read More Minus One