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Ducks in a Row

Extracurricular activities. I never imagined I would struggle with these two little words. And yet. Our girls are six. And still not enrolled in anything. Now, it’s not like we’re trying to raise Olympic Athletes here. We’ve always believed we should let them develop their own interests. Or the same ones. And it’s made sense to begin with the… Read More Ducks in a Row

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Resistance is Futile

Our iMac and MacbookPro are approximately six years old. Which means so is my Adobe CS 5 software. Considering all of these have been running like a 1812 Steam Engine and that my need for mobile use of the Creative Suite increases daily, it’s clear it’s time to upgrade. Last week, I went to the mall to compare the MacBook Pro with the Microsoft… Read More Resistance is Futile

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Upon Receiving Bad News

Sarah, Ashley & Emma do not watch a lot of television. An hour of Sesame Street in the morning, 30 minutes of Bert & Ernie after nap. And never, ever anything during meals. Not because I’m some sort of holier-than-thou Achievement Mom or Anti-TV-Nazi, but mainly because, really, of the amount of things to do… Read More Upon Receiving Bad News


His & Hers

For the first time since, oh, last December, Trav and I were on a date last month at Jak’s Grill in Issaquah. It doesn’t take reservations. Apparently, THOSE ARE OUTLAWED IN WASHINGTON STATE. Spending a good hour waiting for a table on a bench awkwardly facing every patron at the bar, we used the time… Read More His & Hers

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Chorus Line

Over the past few days, the girls have added this new element into our end of meal routine and I…don’t even know what to do with it. Except laugh, maybe? Stock up the Advil? I’m not even sure whether I should elbow their father for egging them on, or kiss him.

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Right under: “do multiples run in your family?” #2 on the Maas multiples faq list is: “Do they play well together?” I much prefer this question to the other as the answer is getting more and more fun.

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Angry Laughter*

This week a friend sent me a video that I wasn’t able to open until about 11 o’clock at night. And now I’m no longer allowed to read email after the girls go to bed. THANKS A LOT, MAIYA. *Lost? We’re talking about this crazy addictive game. Don’t even try it. It’s way easy. And… Read More Angry Laughter*