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Resistance is Futile

Our iMac and MacbookPro are approximately six years old. Which means so is my Adobe CS 5 software. Considering all of these have been running like a 1812 Steam Engine and that my need for mobile use of the Creative Suite increases daily, it’s clear it’s time to upgrade. Last week, I went to the mall to compare the MacBook Pro with the Microsoft… Read More Resistance is Futile

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The Blanks to Be Filled

The Swedish Hospital Multiples class I occasionally speak to is a 3 hour, Wednesday night, five-week series. The parents are often tired, hungry or freaked, depending on how bad work sucked that day and the night’s topic. The panel is meant to offer real-life insight into what new parents can expect, but I always leave wondering if we’ve scared the hell out… Read More The Blanks to Be Filled

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Steel Labyrinth

You guys, I feel so weird right now. My priorities might be just a bit screwed up because the first thing I worried about when walking into the free weight room tonight was how loud my ringer was, because if by crazy chance someone called me at 9 o’clock at night, the entire gym would… Read More Steel Labyrinth

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I’d Open the Windows but That’d Let in DEATH. And Rain.

So. They got sick. It wasn’t such a big deal, just sniffles, a little cough and we were allllmost recovered by Sunday when BAM! Emma’s Reactive Airway issue kicked in as soon as I picked up Sarah and Ashley from preschool on Monday. She ate six Cheetos, told me her stomach felt silly, and then barfed all over the kitchen floor. Tuesday afternoon… Read More I’d Open the Windows but That’d Let in DEATH. And Rain.