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Resistance is Futile

Our iMac and MacbookPro are approximately six years old. Which means so is my Adobe CS 5 software. Considering all of these have been running like a 1812 Steam Engine and that my need for mobile use of the Creative Suite increases daily, it’s clear it’s time to upgrade. Last week, I went to the mall to compare the MacBook Pro with the Microsoft… Read More Resistance is Futile

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Hot Mess

Yes. That phrase in this post is a wholly incorrect application, but so was my bright idea to use cookie cutters to make awesomely holiday-shaped brownies for the Santa Brunch I’m coordinating tomorrow. I blame pinterest (below). AND YES. That pin was for fudge. But In my defense, I would like to point out that BOTH… Read More Hot Mess

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Home Again

 Maple Valley Reporter: Farewell to Algie, a faithful family friend Last week, we put our dear cat, Algie, to sleep. Every day since has been long and empty. Yesterday I brought his ashes home. And the house still feels wrong. [click for full article] Related Post: Dear Peples, I Still Here. Rawr.

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Speaking Out

When, exactly, is it the right time to stand up for your principles? I mean YOUR principles. I mean MY principles. When is that time? I ask because it seems to me the general tendency is to keep our heads down and our mouths shut. It makes sense: we all have to survive. But we… Read More Speaking Out