City of Newcastle

Speaking Out

When, exactly, is it the right time to stand up for your principles? I mean YOUR principles. I mean MY principles. When is that time? I ask because it seems to me the general tendency is to keep our heads down and our mouths shut. It makes sense: we all have to survive. But we… Read More Speaking Out

City of Newcastle, Seattle

Be Strong

I really am writing a follow-up post to the whole surgery-baby-drama post, but something happened yesterday that is just way, way cooler: I met Mack Strong. For about 30 seconds. But still. We had a conversation. And I didn’t suck. Every month, the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce meets at Tapatio’s for the usual ‘who are… Read More Be Strong

City of Newcastle, Photos & Video

Red Star Morning

Yesterday, I replaced the sad, sagging paper snowflakes I’ve had hanging over my desk with this beautiful, blazing star lantern. Which came to me largely through my inability to make a decision when faced with too many attractive choices. Like the bookstore. Or tattoos. I have been drooling over the vast array of patterns and… Read More Red Star Morning

City of Newcastle

Halloween OverKill

Previously, my compulsion to compete kicked in a mere two days before the office potluck & decorating contest, forcing me to hastily ponder the Pumpkins of Halloween Past for an Kick Ass Win-It-All Idea. As soon as I typed the words ‘take over the world’, I became completely obsessed with what I believe to be… Read More Halloween OverKill

City of Newcastle

Step Into My Other Office

From June to September, I spend as much time throwing events at Lake Boren Park as I do planning them at City Hall. At least, that’s how it feels. Recently, a Bellevue resident spent some time there on a foggy September morning and took these wistful pictures of Newcastle’s signature park. Thanks, Bob!