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A Day Late…

But never short. Grandad served in World War II. Although not in this particular order: he taught Women Airforce Service Pilots to fly; he put his friend, Sid (a German Jew) in charge of Nazi POWs, and he met my Grandma in Palm Springs, CA. After an inventory discussion on what, exactly, a ‘flat bastard’… Read More A Day Late…

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Out of My Gourd

We’re having a pumpkin decorating contest at work this Friday. My original reaction to this announcement was, ‘Ugh. Burnt. Out. Brain. Tired. Creativity, DEAD.’ Two weeks ago, I was perfectly content with the idea that the sum total of my responsibility for this event was a potluck bowl of rice and a giant dish of… Read More Out of My Gourd

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Wonder Walls

When visiting my cubicle for the first time, people say one of two things: “Wow. It’s so…colorful…over here”, or “Do you work for eBay?” This is because my cubicle is plastered with just about every piece of event material I’ve created during the year, and a LOT of family photos. Family that includes many, many,… Read More Wonder Walls


Because I Haven't Had a Griff Fix in a Good Long While

Catching up on a week’s worth of all my informative but non-essential blog reader items (i.e. the non-dooce–wwdn–erin–stacey–kristy–gapingvoid–ninja type items), I came across the following video of my dear friend, Uncle Griff, promoting that whole Bike to Work Day thingie that happened, what, like a month ago? I don’t know. I don’t bike. I use… Read More Because I Haven't Had a Griff Fix in a Good Long While