For Parents of Multiples

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No one understands the challenge of raising multiples
more than other Mothers and Fathers of multiples

Having a baby is a notoriously isolating time, but it is especially true for families with multiples. The sheer amount of logistics, effort, time and cooperation involved in leaving the house can be overwhelming and frequently disastrous.

It’s easy to feel alone, even if you’re connected to Facebook groups, online magazines and forums. Sometimes you just need other people. In person. For an hour.

I’ve created a free brochure on the ways in which families can get support from multiples clubs, and how to find one in your area. Because the Internet can give you everything. Except a hug. And sometimes a nap.




A good amount of Multiples Clubs can be found by:

  1. Googling “Multiples Club” and your city/state
  2. asking for a list from your OB/GYN or perinatologist group
  3. National and regional organizations with lists of affiliated clubs:


Not all clubs choose to belong to higher organizations and some may not be on your doctor’s radar. It’s worth doing searches in all these ways, and asking if you can attend a meeting or two before deciding whether any club is the right fit for you. Most clubs are happy to let potential members do this before officially joining (i.e. paying club fees).