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Tapping The White Screen of Death

‘Bokay. Let me jumpstart this engine and see if I can’t get this blog rolling again. I joined BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo challenge like…5 days ago? and proceeded to unintentionally make myself INSANELY sick just as Trav...

influenster voxbox: Pond’s

I just received so much free wrinkle cream from #PONDS that I don’t know whether to do a self high five or go crochet myself a shawl. @influester #SeeForYourself via Instagram


For everyone who might’ve been worried I wouldn’t get a drink tonight. This is a Dark & Stormy Night. I totally ordered it just for the name. #happybirthdaytome  @tavernhall   Just as I started...

Everything Comes in Threes. EVERYTHING.

Y’all, this is Marcus from Beacon Plumbing and our new best friend. In the past four days alone, he’s saved us from a jet-shooting disposal, a lake-spilling water heater and a pair of shady...

Handmade by Marge, Unmade by Sarah

For the life of me, I cannot remembering the reasoning today that led me to put the girls down for a nap with the blankets my Aunt Marge made. The ones that now could not ever...

Easter party prep

I taught myself to crochet last week. Because I don’t have enough to do, APPARENTLY. via Instagram

In The Lego Box

Rough example of how many people here are packed into about five feet of space #eccc2015 #takeaSHOWERomg via Instagram