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Category: The World

Bokep Indo: Financial success for all Indonesians

It has not been long before the financial system has begun to change in this Asian country. People in Indonesia have finally trusted the online work and the money that pornography can bring to the local currency.

This is why even the banks in the region are starting to give loans to buy the necessary equipment for the production of Bokep Indo.

These years have undoubtedly been decisive, but is this the reason that finally stopped the massive immigration wave?

10 scientific myths that practically everyone believes in

Although science has already demystified many of these urban legends in laboratories, there are still people who don’t know about these updates

Everybody has heard that old story that we only use 10% of our brains (and that, in a future who knows how far away, will allow the birth of creatures like “Lucy”, played in the movies by Scarlet Marvelous Johansson).

Your mother and/or grandmother surely believe that “catching cold” results in the right cold. And everyone knows that the moon has a dark side.

8 sexual taboos that you must forget to have more pleasure

Sex is still a subject surrounded by prejudice, fear and anxiety. When someone decides to face some taboos, however, they gain self-knowledge: by unveiling the unknown, the person can finally know if it is good for them or not, if they liked or hated a certain experience. To help you, experts have listed ten common taboos and given tips on how to break them to have a more pleasurable sex life.